My favorite Carpet Cleaning Company in Reno

I’ve had such a tough time with carpet for some damn reason.  Recently I had a carpet cleaning company over that informed me that I should get rid of my current carpet because it’s a cheap grade that you would use in a rental.  Ugh. So I’ve been looking for a flooring that I would want to do.

Two issues arose since that conversation.  One was that while putting in our new pavers in our back patio, we discovered a massive amount of water in the earth.  Through some research, it turned out to be that the irrigation system for the public areas in front of our condo have a broken pipe and have been leaking water for months.  We had to have a mold specialist come in and check to make sure we’re not in danger.  But it also caused the floor to sink about 1/2 an inch in the hallway. So now we have to have the carpet pulled up and that section of floor raised up.  Expensive and painful.  But good timing since we’re replacing the carpet soon.

The other issue that we’re dealing with is that the previous owner cut back the carpet that goes from the front door and into the kitchen with tile.  It looks like shit to me and I am going to have to remove it before we recarpet. Or do we bother to recarpet?  Maybe we should go with wood floors or some nice, over-sized tiles?  Not sure. But all of this has got to be handled before do any other projects.

Back to my original topic: my favorite carpet cleaning company in Reno is Evergreen Carpet Care.  They’re big!  Amazingly, they’re the 11th largest carpet cleaning company in the United States.  And who do they serve?  Little old Reno NV.  That’s an amazing feat!  I’ve met with the owner, Dale Carter.  Nice guy and very entrepreneurial.  He told me about their humble beginnings and gave me a tour of his headquarters.  Big stuff. He has so much rolling stock that he has his own mechanic and service bays where they can do everything on the fleet of over 50 vans and trucks.

So, that’s all I’ve got to say about that.  Check them out if you need to get some carpet cleaning done. They cover Reno, Carson City, the Carson Valley including Minden & Gardnerville.  They also cover South Lake Tahoe, and Incline Village at Lake Tahoe.Reno Carpet Cleaning Company

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