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Reno Carpet Cleaning Company

I’ve had such a tough time with carpet for some damn reason.  Recently I had a carpet cleaning company over that informed me that I should get rid of my current carpet because it’s a cheap grade that you would use in a rental.  Ugh. So I’ve been looking for a flooring that I would want to do.

Two issues arose since that conversation.  One was that while putting in our new pavers in our back patio, we discovered a massive amount of water in the earth.  Through some research, it turned out to be that the irrigation system for the public areas in front of our condo have a broken pipe and have been leaking water for months.  We had to have a mold specialist come in and check to make sure we’re not in danger.  But it also caused the floor to sink about 1/2 an inch in the hallway. So now we have to have the carpet pulled up and that section of floor raised up.  Expensive and painful.  But good timing since we’re replacing the carpet soon.

The other issue that we’re dealing with is that the previous owner cut back the carpet that goes from the front door and into the kitchen with tile.  It looks like shit to me and I am going to have to remove it before we recarpet. Or do we bother to recarpet?  Maybe we should go with wood floors or some nice, over-sized tiles?  Not sure. But all of this has got to be handled before do any other projects.

Back to my original topic: my favorite carpet cleaning company in Reno is Evergreen Carpet Care.  They’re big!  Amazingly, they’re the 11th largest carpet cleaning company in the United States.  And who do they serve?  Little old Reno NV.  That’s an amazing feat!  I’ve met with the owner, Dale Carter.  Nice guy and very entrepreneurial.  He told me about their humble beginnings and gave me a tour of his headquarters.  Big stuff. He has so much rolling stock that he has his own mechanic and service bays where they can do everything on the fleet of over 50 vans and trucks.

So, that’s all I’ve got to say about that.  Check them out if you need to get some carpet cleaning done. They cover Reno, Carson City, the Carson Valley including Minden & Gardnerville.  They also cover South Lake Tahoe, and Incline Village at Lake Tahoe.Reno Carpet Cleaning Company

Visiting some old family friends

I hope you weren’t expecting some kind of crazy story where a big animal jumped out at us in a cabin and we all got scared. We haven’t actually visited them yet, but we’re having dinner with them tonight. Their names are Todd and Mary, and my parents have known them for pretty much my whole life. They used to work together in insurance, so that probably helped. When I was much younger, like 5 or 6, I used to go over and play games with their nephew McKy (pronounced MUH-KYE). He introduced me to one of my favorite vintage games ever, which is Star Wars: Battlefront 2. It was new then, but now it’s considered to be a relic.

One of the greatest, if not the greatest, PlayStation 2 games of all time. We’d also go into their backyard and play with his lightsabers sometimes. When I look back on it, I’m actually kind of surprised that I wasn’t super shy around him. I was insanely shy when I was a little kid, to the point where I would just hide behind my parents’ legs. They probably just ended up leaving me behind, which would likely have upset me. On the plus side, someone can only cry for so long.  McKy moved to Vegas to live with his dad, so I haven’t seen him for a while. It’s been over 10 years, I think. Last I heard, he was making a ton of money by selling short term rental permits with lots of success.We haven’t really hung out with them since I moved back, so after we go to see the new Blade Runner then we’re going to their house for dinner

. I think I already mentioned that. In other news, the new Blade Runner is supposed to be really good. I keep seeing all these reviews about how it’s one of the greatest sequels of all time, but I keep thinking it’s a reboot. Who releases a sequel 30 years later? I actually have the director’s cut of the original, so I’m going to watch it in the near future. Just seems kinda interesting to me to watch the original after seeing the modern day imagining of it. The trailers already got me super hyped up, too.

Alex’s discussion on video games, but part 2

My sister Rebecca moved out when I was 8, and I inherited her Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo. I didn’t realize what they’d be worth now, otherwise I wouldn’t have sold them when we moved to Reno. She had a bunch of classics like both Zelda games released for the N64, Goldeneye 64, and a few others. They would’ve been worth a few hundred if they had made it this far. I know a guy down in Playa Vista who would’ve bought them off of me recently. He’s a collector, and he has tons of money to spare because his dog daycare business is doing so well.The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time actually had a golden colored cartridge, which was super rare for games. Donkey Kong 64 just had a yellow one which looked weird and ugly.

Anyways, the next big console that I got was actually mine to share with Naomi, and it was a Wii. I was the only one with a TV, so it stayed in my room. She got the computer in her room which was pretty fair I guess. It wasn’t a gaming computer by any means. The first game I got for the Wii was Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, and she got some Club Penguin game which was basically just a bunch of minigames. This was in Reno, so it was most likely the Christmas of 2010. Next up is 2012. I had such good grades after starting homeschool that my parents decided to reward me by buying me something. I had been planning it all school year, and I told them that I wanted a PS3.

Unfortunately they failed to see the difference in buying a more expensive console, so they got me the cheaper Xbox 360. My cousin Gabe had an Xbox 360 though, so it was worth it in the end. The 360 will always be my favorite because of all the memories I have playing with him and growing up playing it. Unfortunately for me, it suffered from a system failure last October. It’s called the “Red Ring of Death”, and it’s when the power button on the console (which usually lights up green when you turn it on) turns completely red and the system shuts itself off. The red indicates a system failure, which is irreversible. Then I got my PS4.

Thinking About Opening a Hood Cleaning Business

I keep looking at the Denver Colorado area and possibly moving there.  A buddy of mine told me that a hood cleaning business might be a great thing for me to consider.  He happens to own a hood cleaning company now.

So, I’m looking hard at Denver for this business opportunity.  I figure that I can start by doing ride alongs with my friend in his business in Aurora CO to get to know the area, and then go ride along with my buddy who owns a hood cleaning company in Denver to see what the work is actually like.

At that point, I can figure out all the hood cleaner equipment that I would need to be successful. I can buy it all ahead of time and sit on it until the rest of my business is formatted up.

Why Denver?  Well, I like the area.  It’s pretty amazing and the high altitude suits me.  Also, the outdoor activities that are near by are awesome.  Probably the toughest part will be having to be in the town of the Broncos and John Elway.  Geez.  Us Niner fans can’t catcha break!

So now I’m off to start my hood cleaning adventure.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

5 Typical Canine Diseases that are Affected by Nourishment

A premium quality, healthy diet regimen is basic to your canine’s health and wellness, however do you understand why? Below are simply a couple of canine health issue seen in pets that are straight influenced by their diet plan.


Excessive weight is an across the country epidemic for our pet dogs, impacting over 50% of American dogs. Also even worse, pet dogs impacted by weight problems are a lot more vulnerable to joint inflammation, diabetic issues, hypertension, and also cancer cells. Inning accordance with the Organization for Pet dog Excessive weight Avoidance (APOP), reduced life span is additionally connected to excessive weight in animals, as well as sadly, amongst all pet dogs that vets inevitably identified as overweight, over 90% of pet proprietors originally assumed their family pet remained in the regular weight variety.

Pay unique focus on the calorie as well as fat degrees of your pet dog’s food. While they are both crucial to the diet regimen, a surplus of either could aggravate or create weight problems in canines. Locating an appropriate canine diet regimen that restricts fats as well as calories could aid cut down a overweight or obese canine as well as, eventually, aid your pet live a much more healthy and balanced way of life.

Establish your family pet’s excellent weight by consulting your vet or using petMD’s Healthy and balanced Weight Calculator.


Pancreatitis establishes when the pancreatic comes to be irritated, triggering the circulation of digestion enzymes to be launched right into the stomach location. If this takes place, the digestive system enzymes will certainly start to damage down fat and also healthy proteins in the various other body organs, in addition to in the pancreatic.

” In canines, nutritional fat is recognized to be related to the advancement of pancreatitis and also could promote the secretion of a hormonal agent that generates the pancreatic to produce its digestive system hormonal agents,” claims Jennifer Coates, DVM. Consult your vet to see if your canine’s existing nutritional fat consumption could be boosting his/her threat of pancreatitis. Dr. Coates suggests a dull pet dog diet plan that is reduced in quickly absorbable and also fat if your pet dog is currently experiencing from pancreatitis.


Calcium oxalate bladder stones are mainly made up of calcium while struvites are largely made up of magnesium and also phosphates (phosphorus). Bladder rocks might begin out tiny, yet over time could expand in number and/or dimension, creating concerns such as urinary system crashes, blemished pee, and also peeing stressing.

If you think your canine is experiencing from bladder rocks, talk with a vet. They could recognize the kind of bladder rock and also suggest a food to liquify the rock, or surgical procedure to eliminate it if it is a kind that could not be liquified with food, like calcium oxalates. They could additionally advise an unique diet regimen that could assist prevent the development of bladder rocks.

Also if your pet isn’t really presently struggling with bladder rocks, they could take advantage of a diet plan that is reduced in calcium as well as phosphorus. Your vet will certainly recognize just what’s finest for your canine’s scenario.


Canines frequently have problems with heart condition like we do, specifically if their diet regimen isn’t really effectively stabilized. One crucial aspect to heart illness in pet dogs is their salt (salt) consumption.

Are you feeding your canine table scraps? Is your canine’s present food too expensive in salt? Speak to your vet regarding these points and also just how your pet dog might gain from a healthy and balanced diet regimen that is reduced in salt.


Canines often endure from rounds of looseness of the bowels, however there are 2 major kinds of looseness of the bowels: little digestive tract as well as huge digestive tract looseness of the bowels. “Pet dogs with little digestive tract looseness of the bowels usually generate big quantities of soft feces yet do so simply a couple of times a day,” states Dr. Coates.

“For huge digestive tract looseness of the bowels,” states Dr. Coates “a high fiber diet plan has actually been revealed to be helpful. Preferably, both soluble fiber (the kind colonic microorganisms make use of for food) and also insoluble (indigestible) fiber ought to be consisted of.” For tiny digestive tract looseness of the bowels, Dr. Coates suggests a boring, slim, quickly absorbed diet plan.

Go over with your vet exactly how fat, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, as well as various other nutritional nutrients play a vital function in your pet’s health and wellness. They could also have essential brand-new nutritional referrals to think about for your pet’s certain life phase as well as way of living.

Pet dogs commonly have problems with heart condition like we do, specifically if their diet regimen isn’t really appropriately stabilized. Talk to your vet regarding these points and also exactly how your pet could profit from a healthy and balanced diet plan that is reduced in salt.

While they are both crucial to the diet plan, a surplus of either could intensify or trigger weight problems in pet dogs. Locating a correct pet dog diet plan that restricts fats and also calories could assist cut down a overweight or obese pet and also, inevitably, aid your canine live an extra healthy and balanced way of life.

If your pet dog is currently experiencing from pancreatitis, Dr. Coates advises a dull pet diet regimen that is reduced in quickly absorbable as well as fat.

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